Kudo Banz: Kudos To Positive Reinforcement

This post is brought to you by Kudo Banz. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Positive Parenting

With having girls so close in age, there’s no short supply of tantrums, and bickering. My youngest daughter also loves copying big sister, and sometimes it’s negative behavior. I’ve also noticed since my eldest daughter has been in preschool she comes home rolling her eyes, and mumbling under her breath when I tell her to do something.

I’m working on being a more positive parent when it comes to discipline. It’s a work in progress because I find myself yelling constantly when they don’t listen. I have tried behavior charts, doing time outs, taking things away, etc. The thing with behavior charts is that they aren’t really portable. So when we are out I can’t use it, and then by the time I get home I forget.

That’s where Kudo Banz comes in. The concept behind it is seriously genius. I actually wish I would have known about them when potty training! It’s like a portable/virtual sticker chart on your child’s wrist. It has honestly helped me to be more patient in most situations.

I have always found myself pointing out the negatives, but rarely emphasizing and praising the positives that my kids do. Like when they clean up after themselves, but I’m quick to point out when they don’t.

With the Kudo Banz I have found myself being more intentional with praising the positive behaviors, and not yelling as much(I’m a work in progress).

Here’s an insert from their website that really stuck with me:

“Imagine if your favorite US athlete wins Olympic gold, but instead of receiving the gold medal while the American flag rises and the National Anthem plays on the Olympic podium, the officials decide to mail the medal to the athlete several weeks later. Wouldn’t that take something away from their motivation? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to reward that athlete with an immediate celebration while the winning emotions and feelings were still prevalent? In the same way, it’s no secret that the most effective way to reinforce good behavior is to recognize and reward that behavior as soon as it occurs.This is what makes Kudo Banz a game changer. Kids can receive both Kudo charms for their band and spin their reward wheel no matter where they are. No waiting to get home. The rewards are earned then and there.Kudo Banz is a real-time tool for parents that positively recognizes and rewards good behavior when it occurs. This helps kids understand the cause and effect of good behavior, which leads to lasting behavior change.

I honestly never thought of it that way, which is why I love it, and it works!

The starter kit comes with everything you need for 1-2 kids. It includes a hardcover story book to sit and read with your kids. It explains the way it works and kept my kids engaged. They loved the fact that the characters in the book are kudo charms for them to receive. It also comes with; two bands, 4 Kudo charms, 2 magical kudos, a carrying pouch to store the kudos in, and a sheet to get you started with downloading the app.


It’s extremely easy to get started and now for the fun part! Once you’ve downloaded the app, watched the video, and added each child you can customize it from there! There’s a virtual reward wheel they get to spin. It already comes set up with things like; dance party, game night, stay up late, etc.

Here’s the neat part. You can add 3- 8 of your own rewards tailored for your kids. We added things like; painting nails, electronic time, dance off, etc. You can even add your own pictures for each reward so they can see them. And you can record their voice on each one. It really made it so much more exciting when they could visually see the rewards available to them, and record themselves saying them.


Once all of that is set up each child has their picture on a magical virtual game board. It’s so colorful and really caught my girl’s attention seeing their face on the “game.” In the back of the story book is a section for goals.

After reading the book together, we sat down as a family and wrote out goals. I have always had them clean up their own toys, put their own dishes in the sink etc, but I would like them to do it without having to be told multiple times. Sharing, being more kind to each other, and behaving when out running errands were also what we listed.


After writing the goals down it really motivated them to stick with them to receive their Kudo charms. This came in handy when we had to go to the grocery store for something while my husband was at work.

It’s so hard for me right now while my ankle is broken, and I was seriously dreading it. But with the bands as a positive reminder the girls behaved so much better. We were literally in and out!



Once in the car I praised them again for behaving so well, and they received a kudo on their bracelets. They were so eager to get to their 3rd kudo (the magical one) that they were extremely sweet to each other on the ride home.

Usually they would be arguing over who is looking at who, and other random things. Once we got home they played with Shopkins together, and cleaned every tiny microscopic piece up without having to be told.


By that evening they received their magical kudos, that I was prompted to scan. It was almost like a virtual cheer party, and they were then taken to the reward wheel. I let them each spin it on their profiles.


There was a dance party and surprise reward involved. With the surprise reward they get to choose anything they wanted (something reasonable).

My youngest chose a trip for ice cream. Luckily we have an ice cream shop right up the street, so after dinner we went up there. It was such a sweet treat for all of us, just soaking in the spring weather.

IMG-9245Positive Parenting

Ultimately I want to foster a healthy happy sibling relationship amongst all my children+ positive behavior. I know they will have their ups and downs. But these bands are such a tangible reminder for not just them but for me to. To pause before yelling right away, and to be more intentional in praising the good behavior.

I also love the concept behind goal setting and crushing those goals together as a family.

You obviously don’t want to give them all 3 charms for every single thing, but this makes it fun and encouraging for them. Also there’s no “taking away” Kudos, what they earn is theirs for that day.

You can purchase additional bands and different charms, such as; princesses, pirates, safari animals, pandas, sports, kittens, and dinosaurs. There’s even a potty training kit , seriously how brilliant is that!

They still have their moments, and I’m not saying I don’t believe in discipline. But this has helped so much with putting the focus on the positives:“You and your sister are playing so well together I’m so proud of you all!” “I noticed you apologized to your sister without me telling you to, you are such a big girl!”

It has been so fun that my 7-year-old son even wants to join in, although he follows directions so well and thrives on positive praise already. I notice him sharing more with his sisters, and telling them to come play in his room more. He is asking for a band himself and I think it will come in handy with using for school work, and eating better.

Overall I am so happy that another mother who understands the frustrations of negative behaviors was able to create something positive, fun, and rewarding for the whole family. We’ve already had more dance parties, and games since using this system.

You can find out more about it and purchase yours by clicking here.

What about you, what are some ways you are implementing positive behavior in your home?


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