What I’m Loving Lately

This post is brought to you by PinkBlush. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve been on a spring cleaning spree like no other lately. It’s been a mental/ physical kind of cleaning. Getting rid of things that are taking up space, and that are no longer needed. And I must say I’ve loved it! I’ve been taking more time to mentally relax and focus more on self care.

With getting rid of unnecessary things my mind+ space is so much less cluttered. I’ve been going through the kid’s old things and getting rid of tons of things they can no longer fit. There were some things I’d been holding onto for the sake of just holding on to. I finally sorted through their things and boxed up a few things that can be used when we have more kids. Plus I wanted to save a few things to eventually make shadow boxes for the kids.

I then took it a step further and went through my own closet. I’ve had stuff in there that I haven’t worn since high school. I bagged up purses, shoes, and clothes to donate. In the process of organizing and sorting through I love arranging the spring/summer stuff and putting all the fall/winter stuff in the back of the closet. It brings me so much joy sorting through and preparing for the more warm seasons, because let’s face it…I’m a summer fan through and through.

However, there was tons of stuff that I could no longer fit anymore that I have just been holding onto. I decided to finally get rid of them and hunt for a few staples to get me through the warmer months.

I’m far from fashionable because…leggings are life these days. But I’ve been wanting to dress up a little more plus be comfortable at the same time. I’m a lover of comfort and style that takes little to no effort to put together. Which brings me to PinkBlush. I found out about them when I was pregnant with my youngest girl and fell in love.

At first glance you’d think it was all about maternity clothes, but it’s actually non maternity clothing as well! There’s even plus sizes for maternity/non maternity, baby/kids clothing, bathing suits, and accessories. It’s pretty much your one stop shop.

What I love about the company is how they make stuff for women of all shapes and sizes, plus the majority of their stuff is nursing friendly! Can I get an amen! Because nothing is worse than trying to find nursing friendly dresses when getting ready for church especially.

I have a few dresses from them, but I decided to get a shirt this time. I chose this bright floral mint one and I absolutely love it. It’s comfortable, and  lose fitting. Might I add that mint is one of my favorite colors! You can dress it up with heels or down with flats. And to be honest I’ll probably be wearing it a lot this summer with flip flops.

(Mint Green Floral Caged Front Top)


The next thing I chose was this maxi dress. I’ve received so many compliments on it and I absolutely love how it makes me feel. I’m already making a mental note to pack it for our beach vacation, because it’s so flowy and flattering.

(Blue Pink Palm Print Maxi Dress)

 Overall I am extremely pleased and appreciate how they empower every woman no matter what shape or size. Maternity and beyond, their clothing is comfortable while stylish at the same time.

I’m also loving this beautiful warm weather! Which means more time outside at the park, slathering on sun block, cookouts, ecstatic kids sticky from the summer’s heat, splash pads, sitting on the front porch with sweet tea or iced coffee+ a good book, and just soaking up the sunshine making memories with my family. So bring on all the comfy brightly colored maxi dresses!

Speaking of warmer weather, this will also be my first summer being seasonal at my hospital job. That means I will be on paid time off through the summer! And who wouldn’t love that! We’ve been talking a lot about planning vacation this year without me having to worry about getting time off, or finding coverage!

What about you, what are some things you are loving lately? I’d love to know!

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