Reflections on my last year Being in my twenties

I thought I’d feel some type of way turning 29 today. I thought I’d be sad that it’s my last year in my twenties.

But I’m here now and I don’t feel sad.

We are still unpacking,settling into our new home. There’s boxes everywhere, and we are still eating off of paper plates.

But I’ve watched the kids and dog run around the yard so carefree, and I just feel grateful. I’ve sat on the deck and just breathed it all in. By April we will have a new baby added to the mix. New seasons, new changes.

I took the kids to their new school this morning and my daughter had a meltdown. Anxious and scared, I know the feeling.

My twenties have been a mix of bitter and sweet. My early twenties when I had my firstborn were bitter and sweet. I met my husband in the mix of all that, and boy has it been sweet. But marriage added with babies, can have a lot of bitter moments.

Motherhood has lots of bitter and sweet moments. Life in general is full of both.

But what I’m learning is that to savor the sweetness you have to experience the bitter. The kind of bitter that leaves a lingering aftertaste. But the bitter is what has made me cling closer to the sweet.

Today has been an ordinary day.

I have lots of school stuff to sign for the kids, and a field trip permission slip.

I’m sick with bronchitis.

My mother came by with a gift like she does each year, this year a pair of nice tennis shoes.

I’ve browsed online for nursery stuff. My husband has a surprise for me, along with a bbq meal from a place that I’ve been craving all day…sweet.

I tried to wash a load of clothes, and our washer isn’t working…bitter.

But I’ve reflected on the bitter and sweetness that my twenties have brought.

I used to think life was about extraordinary things, making something big of yourself.

At least that’s what we were taught to believe as we walked across the stage at graduation.

But now I know it’s about choosing to get up and walk, through the many stages of life daily in the ordinary and hard moments. Making the most of the bitter and sweet.

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