Why I Started A Vision Board

For 2018 I wanted to start out the year with a vision board so I decided to give it a try. I created it in my planner. There’s just something about a fresh planner empty, with endless  possibilities. I save all my planners as a way of looking back on all God has done throughout that year. So in my  horacio planner I created a vision board.

First, I took time to pray over my dreams and visions for the new year.

Some people are driven by writing down goals and setting them.  I used to think of a new year as new goals, and then I got frustrated when I didn’t follow through with them or other things come up. But really we don’t need a new year to make resolutions, we can start at any time. So I figured a vision board would be more fitting for me personally. Because it’s a constant visual of what matters most to you, and what your aspirations, hopes, and dreams are.

After praying I turned on some worship music and pulled up Pinterest to start searching for images that  meant something to me. I made a few collages on my phone with the images, and then printed them via my Cannon Selphy. After cutting them out, I typed out a word for each of them and printed that as well to go with each image. I don’t know why I was prompted to do that, but looking back it really helped visually seeing the images and words every time I pulled out my planner.


After arranging them, and gluing them in my planner I chose to laminate the page, because I knew I wanted it to stay in condition throughout the whole year.  I had some self seal laminate sheets lying around, so I used that to seal the page

It helped me to really take time to be intentional with my hopes for the new year.

Here’s the one I created for 2018 to kind of give you an idea.


Here’s a more in-depth explanation of my board;

I wanted more peace mentally and of course patience. Self care and taking time to replenish myself was a must without feeling guilty. More community and reaching out to others. I learned a huge lesson on community and hospitality when I broke my ankle in February. So many coworkers showed up to my home with a meal train, helping my family. It made it so much easier having tons of meals prepared for the kids, while my husband was at work, since I couldn’t walk. They showed up and poured out love. I was a mess, the place was a mess, but they didn’t care they just showed up to help out. It opened my eyes to showing up for others.

I wanted to write more and push past my insecurities. Which leads to this blog, I finally published! I also received my very own copy of the (in)courage devotional Bible. Which I had the honor of having two of my own devotionals used in, among over 100 other women in all walks and stages of life! It was a huge honor, and something I will always cherish and pass on to my kids. Believe, faith, and grace were also what came to mind as I was working on it. I dug into my Bible reading a whole lot more, and let go of perfection in my Bible journaling.

Fitness and healthy eating were some things I also wanted to work on. I lasted less than 2 weeks on the whole 30. But hey I learned about balance. Do I still eat fast food, yes! I have just learned more ways to throw in healthier choices. Beauty was another thing, because I just really wanted to learn more on makeup, and how to add eye shadow without looking like a clown.

Finances because I wanted to be more intentional with where my money went. Travel, because I wanted us to go back to Disney which didn’t happen. But to also travel around locally to places we haven’t visited. We did go back to Myrtle Beach where we got married back in 2013. While there we got interviewed for their local news on a Father’s Day segment. That was definitely the first, and really exciting!

Lastly, I added a picture of a house and prayed that this would be the year that our family finally got a house. Which happened, and was a huge answered prayer! There were surprises thrown in, like finding out about baby #5. Hyperemesis hit full blown, which required a few trips to the er for fluids. However, it was my first year working seasonal in the er which meant I had all summer off, so I had a while to rest in the early pregnancy stages with hyperemesis. We had a lot of closed doors during the house hunting process. I wrestled with my faith and anxiety while in bed extremely sick.

But God has worked everything out according to His plan. Our new home has an extra room for a nursery, a spacious playroom, and large fenced in back yard for the kids and our dog to run free.

We said goodbye to our duplex that we had lived and grown in for five years. Our two older children had to start a new school that they were zoned for. They adjusted quickly, and I look forward to my off days being able to walk up to the bus stop to welcome them when they get off from school. We’ve already been on walks around our small cul-de-sac, and let the kids ride around on their bikes. This has all been such a dream come true for us. And I see nothing but God’s fingerprints on it all through the waiting, the pregnancy and new home.

We hosted our first family Christmas in the new house just surrounded with family and love. My two brother in-laws moved here from Michigan so it was a lot more crowded in a good way. It’s just something about a big family and all the loudness of everyone gathered together, that I truly enjoy. The grandparents bought the kids a netted trampoline, and I already can’t wait for those summer days playing all day outside in our own backyard.

So with all this being said, have you ever created a vision board? If not I hope this encourages you to start one of your own.  There are so many ways to create one, and the best thing is there’s no rules to it! Some people clip out images from magazines that mean something to them, and glue them onto a poster board. It’s really just a fun creative way to choose what fires you up, and gives you something to look on throughout the year for motivation.

What visions do you have for 2019?  Pray over them, light a candle, or turn on some good music, and just get started! It has really helped me to be grounded in focusing on what matters to me. It’s like your own personal Pinterest board, of things that motivate you to change or to reach for. I can’t wait to see what all the new year holds!

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

-Proverbs 16:9 ESV

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