Third Trimester Thoughts

(This post is brought to you by PinkBlush. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.)

I have exactly seven weeks left until baby number 5 is here! Seven weeks you guys! It has been extremely hard and exhausting with hyperemesis, work, and trying to give my all to my kids.

But someone on Instagram recently messaged me saying,“The best gift you can give your kids is their lifelong friends/siblings.” And that has truly stuck with me, in giving myself grace. There are days I can barely get out of bed from being so sick and I miss just playing with my kids. That’s when I remind myself that soon they will have a new sibling to love on and to grow with.

Some things I’ve been doing lately are just trying to embrace this hard season. These months have been extremely slow and trying. But I know without a doubt I’ll miss these kicks and growing belly. Part of me would love one more, but I’m really just not sure anymore. The more you have while battling hyperemesis is really just draining.

On my “good” days I like to just get a hot shower do my makeup, rest with the kids and just be.

Another thing I’m loving is comfort especially now that my OB appointments are weekly. I have to meet with a dietician for my gestational diabetes, non stress tests, plus growth scans. All these appointments are scheduled on my off days, but are early in the morning so I have time before picking my youngest up from preschool. The hardest thing is comfortable clothes that actually fit me in this last trimester.

That’s where Pink Blush comes in! They have the best clothes for before, during, and after pregnancy + they have plus size. They embrace every single size while bringing comfort and style. My most recent favorite is this dress.

You can find it here.

Can we talk about the pockets though?

Since it’s still cold here, I love that I can dress it up with a scarf or just wear it as is. It’s stretchy and so comfortable I even wear it around the house!

Aside from having pockets, I love the buttons and cinched waistline. It’s a stylish dress that’s also flattering for all sizes. To be honest I’m the biggest this pregnancy that I have ever been with my past pregnancies. I won’t lie and say that sometimes I’m self conscious because of that. But they have the most flattering attire, that I feel confident in what I wear and. I also remind myself of how beautiful this whole process is.

I love that I can even wear this to church, or my OB appointments. The possibilities are endless. My other favorite from them is their pajama bottoms with stretchy waistlines. Because let’s face it that’s what I’m in usually 99.9 percent of the time! But this dress just makes me feel confident and empowered when I wear it. And I know during pregnancy that’s such a great feeling!

My husband finally finished painting the nursery, we chose Mindful Gray. And I snapped a photo of me and the kids in there the other day. Just sitting in the nursery and reminding myself that soon we will have a little occupying the room changes my whole perspective. It helps me to pause and be mindful of giving myself grace and that it’s all going to be so worth it. Of course throwing on red lipstick and my favorite PinkBlush dress helps too!




Happy shopping and enjoy!

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