Sariyah Rose’s Birth Story

I am so excited to announce that I had my baby girl Friday, April 5th 2019. This is my first time doing a birth story so I’m pretty ecstatic! There’s just something so exhilarating about reliving those special moments leading up to bringing your baby into this world.

Meet Sariyah Rose.

Born on 4/5/19 at 11:50am 8lbs.4oz and 18 3/4 inches!

The day finally came after a week of knowing I had to be induced. For that past week I was going over everything making sure I was ready I was anxious and didn’t rest much. Did I have enough swaddles, mittens, onesies, burp cloths, I was just all over the place. There were times I seriously thought she was going to come on her own, when I would get intense back pain like I usually do when in active labor. But the pain would leave just as quickly as it came.

I couldn’t sleep that Thursday night and we had to be there by 6am Friday morning. I remember that day I just looked at the kids flooded with so many emotions, our life was about to change. They would soon have another sibling to grow with, and love. I would soon be a mom of 5 and I think it finally hit me that evening! My eldest son was extremely excited too. His teacher told me he had been telling her each day how many days were left until the big day. It was so sweet, he didn’t even want to go to school. I think we all were really excited the time had finally come. My actual due date was the 9th but I usually go 40wks and a few days on my own.

That evening My nausea from hyperemesis was still lingering but not that bad, and I suddenly craved flamin’ hot Cheetos. My husband went to the gas station to get some, and I enjoyed every bite, because I couldn’t eat after midnight.

In a way I think I was finally at peace with being induced although I really wanted another spontaneous delivery. I loved the feeling of the contractions hitting and listening to my body on when it was time to go to the hospital. I’ve always been dilated to a 7 or 8 when I get there and it’s just a thrilling feeling. Last time I was induced, was in 2012. The process lasted through the night into the next day, it was long and painful.

I think I was just filled with anxiety on not being in control. But due to high glucose levels they really wanted to induce me this time. The positive was that we had set childcare for our other 4 and didn’t have to fear not having family to watch the kids. So around 2 am my selfless mother in law came over after working nightshift to get some sleep before go time. I slept maybe four hours if that, I was just so full of emotions and way too excited.

I got up at 5am and took a shower, did my makeup, and double checked that I had everything packed. My husband got up shortly after I did and got ready, he seemed so relaxed and calm. The kids were still sound asleep so I thanked my mother in law again and we were off.  The ride there seemed so long for some reason although it was less than 10 minutes. When we arrived to the hospital there was so much construction we went to the wrong garage, because the regular one was closed off. Once we got in we went to the er where they usually send someone from L&D down to take us up.

Apparently things have changed since my previous delivery, and we had to go to ground floor to register! When we got down there we had to take a buzzer and wait. It was already 6:10am and I was getting anxious. My husband and I made small talk I think we were both so tired but too anxious to really talk.

He went to get a drink and I just fidgeted around.  Finally we got called back to register, and went up to the L&D floor on our own. By the time we got up there it was already 6:30am. The tech took us back and had me put a gown on. The delivery room was just how I remembered. So spacious, and fully lit yet all I could focus on was the warmer near the bed where my baby would soon be.





Once I was changed I called out as I was told to do, and the nurse came in. She introduced herself to us and was so cheerful. She put a blood pressure cuff on me, and hooked me up to the fetal monitor. I was instantly calmed by the rhythmic sounds of my baby’s heartbeat.


We went over a lot of things and paperwork, and then it was time for the iv in which she sent another nurse in for. After that she walked me through what would happen next which was basically just playing the waiting game. It was 7:30 and she said the doctor would come in around 8:00 and start making rounds. She checked me and I was at a 4, I had been a 3 at my appointment last week.

She brought extra sheets and brought a pillow for my husband and told us to relax. He sat in the huge chair in the corner and we both tried to rest. I was just way too anxious. I kept looking over at the fetal monitor watching the heart rate, and looking at the clock. My husband video chatted with his mother and we chatted with my two year old and four year old, our other two were at school.


At 8:30 the doctor came in and broke my water. Then my nurse started the pitocin. Things started progressing pretty quickly and I felt the familiar back contractions coming in slow waves. By 9:30 or so the contractions in my back were so close together and so intense I was gripping the rail, and called out for the epidural. For me I always have back labor. It felt like my spine was about to snap in half, with each contraction.

It took maybe less than 15 minutes but seemed so long, until the anesthesiologist came in. Her and the nurse prepped everything and I had to lean over the bed just right for the epidural to be placed. Not long after things went numb and I had such a calming feeling take over. My legs felt like huge blocks cinder blocks! The nurse cathed me once I was all the way numb at 10:15am (I documented in my notes app to remember the times). At that time I was dilated to a 6, and she increased my pitocin.

I started getting so excited I could barely contain it, I was getting closer and closer to finally holding my baby! I couldn’t relax I had all these emotions taking over, and the only thing I can relate it to is runners high like back when I used to run track.  Scientific American explains it as, “A feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain.” My husband went down to the cafeteria to pass the time and get something to eat as we waited.

Literally 10 minutes after he left I started to feel this really heavy pressure down there. It wasn’t pain just a lot of pressure. I calmly texted my husband telling him to come up quick. Then I called for the nurse. She came running in saying,”Okay this is your 5th is it go time?” By this time it was 11:30. She checked me, and I was at a 10 and 100% effaced!

The Ob tech came running in, followed by my husband. Then another nurse came in saying that I was off the fetal monitor. She then laughed saying,”I just came to check on the monitor but looks like I’m about to help deliver!” I couldn’t contain my excitement my heart started racing, as her and my nurse started getting stuff.

The other nurse jumped back and I looked and she was covered in water. With anticipation I asked what was going on, and she said the head was right there! My husband jumped up with the biggest grin. They all commented on all of her hair, and she asked if I wanted to feel. I have never had that experience and it’s one I’ll never forget!

This new life still delicately connected to me inside, while partially on the outside. 

The nursery nurse came in and started prepping. Then they had me push just a little then stop. They immediately called for the doctor. They called again with a little more intensity in their voices. By 11:45 they told me to start pushing with each contraction. I closed my eyes and waited for the next contraction. My stomach was tense and I could feel pressure, I began to push. Their voices seemed to fade. I was so in tuned, so focused, so ready.

I waited 9 whole months for this exact moment!

The iv running through my veins, had nothing on the adrenaline pumping through me.

The doctor came running in, and with one final push at 11:50 she was out! Yes, only 5 minutes of pushing and she was here. I could feel her leaving my body, my stomach immediately feeling lighter. All these emotions come crashing over you like a massive wave, that leaves you breathless, and so full of joy. I looked over at my husband as he helped cut the cord, and I remember feeling so much love. It’s almost like an out of body experience.

They asked if I wanted her right away and without a doubt I reached out for her. And here laid this warm 8lb bundle of new life on my chest. Our hearts intertwined in that moment. The immense feeling of love and relief took over. “My baby, my sweet baby girl,” is all I could keep saying.

Every time I’ve had an episiotomy but this time I tore on my own, so they had to stitch me. In the moment I didn’t care I was too focused on her in my arms. They took her to wipe her off beside me and the nursery nurse did what she needed and bundled her up. They gave her back to me to feed her, and the room cleared out. Suddenly quiet and still, just the three of us.


But that blissful moment was short lived. As she began to eat her color started changing. She just came out so I assumed that was the reason, but then fear took over. She got really purple, and I looked over to pull the emergency cord. My husband began to panic as well and jumped into action before I could and called out for the nursery nurse.

She came back in and looked concerned too, and explained that she needed to get her to the nursery. My heart was racing, I wanted my baby to be ok. Time stood still until the phone rang and the nurse said her oxygen was at 58%! They had to keep her on a nasal cannula and that it would be a while until she could come back.

I tried to pass the time away. Here I was still numb, still on a euphoric high from delivery, but my heart felt like it had been pulled out. I could feel every bit of my chest tightening. I looked over at my Bible that I wanted them to stamp her footprint in. The Bible the doctor commented on saying it looked well loved. And I just felt this peace take over, everything was going to be okay.


I ordered some food, because there’s something so freeing about no longer being held captive by hyperemesis and its evil grip. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and ate with no nausea or vomiting like the long months before this moment.

Once my epidural wore off my nurse helped clean me up and told me to try and rest before it was time to go to the postpartum side for my room. Time ticked by so slowly as we waited to hear word of how she was doing. My husband ended up going over to the nursery and looking at her through the glass to see her and get an update. She was still needing oxygen and already snatching it off.

By the time we got to the other side for my room it was around 3:00pm. They settled me in and I hugged and thanked my delivery nurse a thousand times. My husband ended up running home to grab some things for himself to stay the two nights with me and to see our others kids since he knew our baby was in good hands and would be over there for a few hours.

I took a shower to try and relax some. There’s just something about that first shower after delivery. The warm water hitting you, and the emotions are still so fresh running over you, as you wash away everything from delivery.

Suddenly you can feel EVERYTHING, every stitch, tear, the pulls and pushes. Your stomach is so tender and sore, your body is sore, your hips feel stretched out. There’s so much blood, but you can’t stop tracing your fingers over your belly the one you felt those tiny kicks in. And you can’t wait to get out of the shower and to be reunited with your baby.

You come out of the shower new, weak, but so refreshed. They say the moment a child is born, so is the mother. And I wholeheartedly believe it. No matter if it’s your first or 8th. You are made new all over again.

After I got dressed I went over to check on my baby in the nursery through the glass around 4:30. I’ve never had to do that and let me just say I felt so helpless. I have a new appreciation  for moms with babies in the nicu and their strength, I can only imagine! I picked up the phone and talked to the nurse, I embarrassingly didn’t realize it was my baby that the nurse was standing beside.





My heart hurt as I longed to just hold her, but I knew she needed to be over there. There was talk about calling over the the children’s nicu, and my heart dropped. After going back to the room the tears just flowed. My nurse came in and reminded me to order some dinner for myself. My favorite meal is always the grilled sirloin steak, with a baked potato, house salad, and sweet tea. There’s a long menu, but that’s just what I always get when I am there.

At 5:00 the nursery nurse came over and asked for the Bible and to show her the page and where I wanted my baby’s footprint at. I had honestly forgotten with everything going on, and it was such a kind gesture that she remembered and came to get it. She brought it back and assured me that she was in good hands.


I tried to relax and watch TV, but I couldn’t focus. The texts were flooding in asking how she was doing, and I really just wanted her in my arms. At 5:40 I called asking for another update on how the oxygen was doing, and the nurse that answered said,”Your nurse is on the way to talk to you.” In that moment I got sick to my stomach with worry.

Suddenly I heard those clanky wheels of the hospital bassinets and I longed for it to be my baby. The sound stopped by the door, and there was a knock I jumped up! Sure enough it was my baby girl and her nurse with a big smile on her face. She told me that she wanted to surprise me. She was going to have to have her glucose tested before each feeding, and hooked to a pulse ox while eating, so I’d have to give her back for each feeding. But she was ok, she was in my arms, reunited finally.  She helped me swaddle her in her rose swaddle for announcement pics. Then she asked if I wanted a picture of that moment.

Around 8pm the kids came to meet their baby sister with my mother in law and brother in law, along with my husband. We were able to capture a video of the candid moment. It will forever be etched in my heart. It is 10 days post delivery and this video still makes me tear up.

My two year old is obsessed with baby dolls and babies, so when he saw her he had the biggest smile on his face and even kissed her. He couldn’t stop grinning and the older ones were enamored by her. It felt so perfect in that moment all of us together, I was already ready to go home. Funny how I thought those two days would be resting and bonding with her, but when my other kids asked why I couldn’t come home with her today the water works came.




That night as I looked over at my husband while holding our new baby, I felt so full of joy. So many hard days and nights of constantly throwing up, feeling so defeated with hyperemesis, so weak and dizzy, counting down the days until she was here, and dreaming of how she’d look. And she was finally here, slowly breathing in and out. I took in the newborn smell, those plump cheeks and baby doll lips. 8lbs of love perfectly sculpted from heaven above.


Saturday her oxygen issues resolved and she no longer needed to be hooked up to anything. So we rested a lot and had a few more visitors, and had pictures taken. I’m so grateful that my mother in law spent the night at our house with the kids both nights, so that my husband could be there with us.

The kids came later and we had another photo taken. Our first photo as a family of seven. It still feels like a dream!



Sunday by 3pm we were officially discharged and ready to go!


Bringing her home was so exciting, and finally putting her in the nursery I prayed so long over. I remember sitting in the glider sometimes and just envisioning what it would be like to have her in there. It has become one of my favorite rooms to just go in.










We put so much effort into this little space and making it into a comfortable room for her. My husband painted the walls Mindful Gray by Sherwin-Williams, and I did the decorating, and searching for pieces to make it pop. I ordered her huge name sign from Etsy, by this shop and my husband painted it. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, especially since we’ve never had a nursery before I really love it and how it feels having a sweet baby in there.

This induction was nothing like the rough experience I had with my second child, back in 2012. It’s funny how each time is so different. This time was so much smoother, and faster. I’m so thankful to have her here and settle into a routine as a mother of 5 little ones. The kids are in love and are such good helpers, just as I knew they would be. They are constantly asking if they can sit and hold her, or help with feedings.





The kids don’t mention those hard months of me throwing up, they too are just so glad she’s here.

Thank you for reading her birth story, this is something I will always cherish and hold closely. Every birth story is so beautiful and full of hope, love, new beginnings, and strength we never knew we had.

3 thoughts on “Sariyah Rose’s Birth Story

  1. Loved reading this story as much if not better then all your previous stories. God gave you such a wonderful talent to put words to paper so to speak. I always look forward to reading anything you write. Love you sweet girl. Congradulations on your sweet family.


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