The Meaning of Sariyah’s Name


I have been holding this in for months now, and I am so excited to explain it.

Her name is Sariyah Rose. You can find her birth story and photos here.

Now to fully understand you have to know the backstory, and that this is something God Himself created.It was back in August of 2018. Around 10 weeks one night at work I ran to the bathroom throwing up. I remember crying in defeat from continuously being sick.

This is a girl and her name will be Sariyah. 

It was so certain that as an act of faith that night after work I went to Wal-Mart as an act of faith and bought her some little newborn headbands. I tucked them away as a reminder of what was to come.

Now just hours before the name came to me something else had happened. A friend had come to me mentioning a house that would be a perfect fit for our family. We had been hopelessly looking for years. The anxiety spiraled after finding out about baby number 5. We had most definitely outgrown our duplex, and the longing for a house for our family deepened.

I was feeling so hopeless like it would never happen for us. We have had many closed doors, and dead ends. So when she told me about the house I was excited but thought of every reason in my mind as to why we wouldn’t get it. But I texted the owner and things sounded so promising from the start. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day at work.

Four bedrooms, a huge open space bonus room, and large fenced in yard. It sounded like a dream. So that night when the name Sariyah came to me, I didn’t fully understand it. That weekend we went and viewed the house. There is a smaller room that immediately screamed out NURSEY to me. How perfect for this season, we have never had extra space for a nursery!

As we went outside to finish talking, she basically said it was ours if we wanted! I couldn’t believe it as I watched the kids swinging on the swing set. A long answered prayer.

Just weeks after finding out I was pregnant and viewing multiple houses with no avail. And this one literally fell in our laps. It was nothing short of a God thing. He led us here, on His timing. I don’t think I really believed it for a while, I was waiting for something to come up for us to not get the house. And then it just clicked, where the name came from. It’s amazing how you can read something in the Bible and never really think twice about it, until one day it hits you.

Sarai in Genesis was married to Abram. They both were later called by new names Sarah and Abraham. But that’s exactly where the name came from. You see for 90 years (that’s nothing on the 5 years we have been looking for a house) Sarai longed and longed for a child of her own. She took matters into her own hands and tried to push God’s timing. I’ve been there in the waiting, feeling like God will never answer my prayer. We have waited and waited for a house, and desperately longed for one.

And the timing was beyond perfect with a baby on the way. The kids love being outside in the yard just running freely and I love being able to sit on the deck. I am drawn everyday to the little nursery, a space I’ve decorated for her. And it

The name Rose is because of the hyperemesis and constant throwing up. I prayed day after day for God to take away the vomiting and even the nausea. To be able to feel normal, and not sick at every random smell. But He didn’t. Yet from those dark moments of feeling so defeated, and some times not even being able to sit up with the kids, came beauty. A healthy baby girl.

So many times in life we want the rose, without the thorns. We get upset and frustrated when God doesn’t take away the thorns. We can get so fixated on them that we overlook the beauty of the rose and all that is to come in God’s timing.

So from the pain and days in the er getting iv fluids, dark days, and exhaustion of working 12hrs in between throwing up, my rose is here and boy was she so worth it! In some way I hope this encourages you, and reminds you that without the thorns you don’t get the rose.

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