I’m Getting My Body Back

I wrote this piece on my instagram  here, and let me just say I was not expecting it to resonate with so many people!

I just posted my baby’s three month picture yesterday, but why not my own? This is me three months postpartum. I could’ve sucked my stomach in, but for what? That wouldn’t be real.

For so long I’ve been so ashamed. I’ve only been working out for the past two weeks yet I want instant results. I was weighing myself daily in tears because I haven’t lost a pound. I was skipping meals. All while people messaged me pretending to check in on me then throwing in a pitch to join their team and lose the “baby weight.”
They had no clue I was already so depressed with the extra skin and lose stomach. But I am sick of it!
I’m getting my body back.
Yeah you heard right. I’m getting my body back from the media, from the magazines, from the people in my inbox telling me I can lose weight in a week on their products. Most of all I’m getting my body back from my own inner critic.
Yes I’ve been working out but this isn’t for anyone but me, this is personal. I’m working to be the best version of me, on MY time. I didn’t start working out 6 weeks postpartum like everyone says. Because I simply wasn’t ready. We are ALL different.
And I’m done trying to look a certain way to fit into a mold none of us were ever created to fit in.
This is me.
This body has pushed through hyperemesis, constant iv fluids, and been stretched and pulled.
I’m done telling myself I’ll be happier when I’m smaller. And I know I’m not the only one.
So to anyone else, let’s take our bodies back together! We can find happiness in the NOW.
And don’t let ANYONE tell you how you should or shouldn’t look, not 6 weeks postpartum not even 5 years postpartum!

I have had so many people reach out to me on my instagram, and I just wanted to add something. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t even had a single kid. The media can still suck you into looking a certain way. But let me just say you are BEAUTIFUL, so I hope you will get your body back with me, from all the lies!

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