Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor Review

(Special offer linked at the end)

If you have seen my nursery blog post for my baby girl then you know how excited I was! We have never had the space for a nursery so when we moved into this house that was a huge deal for me creating a nursery I dreamed of to welcome our baby. But you know in motherhood things rarely go as planned. She ended up having really bad acid reflux and I found myself so worried. So she has been in a our room near us.

However, I have slowly tried to ease her back into her crib, and I have such a better peace of mind because of the all new Cubo AI smart baby monitor! This small yet powerful camera is packed full of features parents, and caregivers alike can rest easier with! Here’s an excerpt from the co founder Joanna Lin;

“After 6 IVF attempts, I finally met this little miracle. So when I found my baby’s face accidentally covered, I couldn’t sleep for months. When even 6 cameras couldn’t ease my worries, we partnered with Dr. Kenneth Yeh to design a smart baby monitor for worried parents like me! We co-created Cubo AI’s proprietary technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations such as Covered Face events so parents can step in when needed. Our team designed every Cubo AI feature with parent needs and baby safety in mind. I’m so excited to bring peace of mind and joy to your parenting journey!”

The camera design is shaped like a bird and it’s so easy to move the lens around, and set it up.

Using Cubo AI




There are three ways you can set it up; crib stand, floor stand, or mobile stand(placing it on a shelf). It comes with all the parts to set it up either way you want and it’s so easy to set it using the app. You can set up so many different things on it! Here is a screenshot of the app settings and danger zone set up. I was changing her crib sheets but just wanted to show how easy it is to set up. You just stretch out the red part for the danger zones.

IMG_8422 (1)
I was changing her sheets, but here is an example of the danger zone. It can be set up in the nursery, or in other places as they grow up.


This works great as they grow and try to climb out, you will immediately be alerted to stop them from falling out. Yet also comes in handy when they are learning to walk and you don’t want them in the kitchen, or if you have a pool!  I love how it grows with your child, for all stages and milestones.

You can also record videos via the app and it saves them straight to your phone!







It’s also like a virtual scrapbook,  because it automatically snaps shots for you and keeps them in order on the app! I go back to work at the end of next month and it’s going to be so hard, but I love this feature. I can not only record videos of her while at work, but I can also get pics of her in that current moment! And the it’s 1080p which means crystal clear quality!

My kids immediately noticed that it is a little bird which makes the design even better, and beyond brilliant! Because when the baby cries, unlike other monitors with obnoxious alerts this one chirps!IMG_8533.jpg

Listen to the video below



More Cubo AI features 

-Covered face alert

-Danger zone alert

-Cry detection alert

-High definition night vision

-Automatic photo capture

-Night Light(can be turned off and on via the app)

-Temperature and humidity detection

-18hr video playback

-2 way audio

I think honestly in this stage the covered face alert is my favorite.



It  will not only alert me if her face is covered, but also if she has rolled over and stuck.

This feature alone is what gives me the peace and comfort I need as a parent.

One of my biggest fears was my two year old getting up before me and messing with the baby. So I love that this will alert me if her face gets covered, but also if she’s out of her crib! Yes, the danger zone lets you know if baby is trying to climb out(when older) or is suddenly out of the crib! But let’s face it, my two year old has already tried to hold her, so we have to keep an extra close eye out. But I feel so much safer knowing that Cubo AI is like another set of eyes in the nursery with her.

I also tested out the camera on my dog in the bedroom, while we went out. And because it is a two way audio I could talk and she could hear me through the camera!

I can tell a lot of love, and thought was put into the making of this monitor. The fact that it grows with your baby says a lot, along with the virtual scrapbook it creates, and covered face alert being my absolute favorite! It really gives you a better piece of mind. As a mother of now 5 I wish this had been around long ago. The design is amazing, and it’s packed with everything you can think of and then some for a baby monitor.

It’s brilliant, and will help so many other parents and caregivers. Which is why I am so excited to share a special offer with you from now until 8/8/2019 with the link you can order it for an amazing price! It would make a great gift for any parent, caregiver, or your expecting friend. You will rest so much easier with Cubo AI.



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