The (in)courage Bible Project

                                (image via the incourage website)

I’ve been meaning to share some news with you all on something big I got to contribute to.!

Two years ago I was given a very humbling opportunity to contribute in a devotional Bible by (in)courage! I was beyond honored and so excited. I prayed and prayed over the devotionals I typed out, and how they would correlate with the specific chapters of the Bible that I chose. It was such a fun experience seeing it all come together. I don’t think it hit me that I was getting to be part of such a fun project!

In this post I shared a lot of news. And in the midst of it all I received my copy of the new devotional Bible. It published last year! I can’t even explain how it felt holding it in my hands. It was all such a huge labor of love from so many women, especially the (in)courage team! To see it all come into fruition was nothing short of amazing.

Receiving the Bible in the wake of hyperemesis, waiting, and finally receiving an answered prayer on a house brought tears to my eyes.

It was a reminder of God’s sovereignty over all aspects of our lives. He cares about the details of our lives even the most minute. He listened to my cries and pleas, especially with a new baby on the way. And to think now we will have a room for a nursery just blows my mind.

This devotional Bible coming at that exact time, is a tangible reminder that He is faithful, even when we are faithless. 

Seeing my devotionals alongside over 100 other women literally humbled me beyond belief. Here in my hands was our hearts dripping on the pages, but most importantly here in my hands was God’s love story. To get to be apart of that is astonishing.  It has absolutely nothing to do with me, and everything to do with Him.

What I really love about it is that instead of notes on the margins, it’s at the bottom for writing space.

I love the character profiles, reading plans, and beautiful images throughout the pages. I have this thing with any new Bible I’m afraid of “messing” it up. But I know that God doesn’t care about that, He just wants our heart. So don’t be afraid to mark it up, and get messy. If you are worried about bleed through, I have been using Frixon erasable markers you can find them here. I use them for highlighting or sometimes to write over words that I write. And for pens I use the Illustrated Faith Precision Pens that can be found here. But I also love Micron pens, and seriously even BIC pens work. You don’t need the most expensive writing tools, just find what works best for you!

Also what I love to do is print out pictures of my family, and tape them in certain pages. I also tape a family picture in the front of the Bible. For me it helps to personalize it a bit, and to be more intentional with praying for them. I also keep a photo of my husband and me in the page of a specific verse that reminds me to be intentional about praying over our marriage. These are just things that I do to personalize it a bit for myself.

The pages in this particular Bible are not too thin so it’s perfect for journaling. The words aren’t too small, there’s reading plans, devotions sprinkled throughout, and really pretty images on some of the pages.


You will love this Bible and how the devotions remind you that you aren’t alone in your daily walk with Jesus. But most of all you will love how it all connects and points you straight to Him.

The devotions are from women in all walks and stages of life. They are about the good, the hard, and the messy stuff. You’ll feel encouraged and inspired in your own spiritual walk. But don’t stop there with the devotionals let them be a tool for you, as you grow deeper in reading the scriptures and drawing closer to God.

Pen out your prayers and insights, dig in! I sure can’t wait to! Once we are settled in our new home I can’t wait to sit on the deck in the mornings reading it, and journaling. But let’s face it with my littles running around, I will be soaking in my prayer+ scripture time whenever I get free time.

You will enjoy the layout and all that this Bible is packed with! Here’s an excerpt from the (in)courage website with more features:

There is so much blessing and goodness tucked within the pages of this Bible:

  • There are 312 devotions written by 122 writers with stories from women in all seasons of life.
  • The devotions are organized into 10 themes, and each theme has a distinct color and design in the Bible.
  • Each theme also has its own reading plan to guide you through a beautiful experience of Scripture.
  • There are 50 Women of Courage featured with biographical profiles throughout the biblical text.
  • Each of the 66 introductions (one for each book of the Bible) are original to draw you into the overarching biblical narrative.

There are many more custom features — each one like a sweet surprise waiting for you!

Here’s my hopes for everyone who uses this Bible;

I hope and pray that this women’s devotional Bible touches many women in all walks and seasons of life. Through the messy, and hard moments, and that you are encouraged, inspired, and comforted knowing that you are not alone. To know God loves you, and sees you, to know that He seeks you, and walks with you through every moment.  I pray you pen out, scribble out, and maybe even cry out your prayers, notes, and stories of His faithfulness along the lined note space at the bottom of the pages. May it be a keepsake for you to pass down for generations.


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