My Son Asked Why His Skin is Different

My Son Asked Why His Skin is Different


It happened again. My oldest asked why his skin is darker than his siblings. This time I wanted a better response that would stick with him in a way he’d understand.

It hit me when I noticed all his crayons spilled out on the table. He was making another comic, his new favorite thing to do. His artwork is impressive and a way he expresses himself.

So I told him to look at all the crayons he had out on the table. I asked him what would happen if they all were the same color.

“That would be silly mama I couldn’t make what I wanted if all the colors were the same.”


I explained to him that God creates artwork in the way He creates people. And God needed every single color to do so. Every shade, every color in between is His artwork. I explained that his shade is just as beautiful as his siblings, and all his friends at school.

I told him not to focus on colors, because it’s what’s inside that matters.

He’s a loving boy with a huge heart. In my head I thought of how there’s evil in this world that actually does fixate on color. I can not control that but dang it, I’ll try my best to remind my kids that every color is beautiful, and that most importantly it’s what’s inside that counts. To treat others with kindness, and no judgement. To help others, and to speak up.

“Well I’m glad God made me part of his artwork too, I like using every color when I’m drawing.”

That’s right my sweet boy, God uses every color and wastes nothing.

27 Weeks & Life as A Working Mom

27 Weeks & Life as A Working Mom


I just thought I’d check in with a bump date. I’m 27 weeks. I’ve finally given up on wearing scrub tops at work, and resorted to stretchy long-sleeved shirts, and loose fitted tops. I also caved and bought a belly band, for the back pain. The baby moves nonstop and that’s my favorite part. At night in bed  when everyone is sound asleep I like to keep my hand on my belly and just feel the movement. It has become our special time that I look forward to every time I lay down. Continue reading “27 Weeks & Life as A Working Mom”

Exciting Announcements


I’ve been really quiet over this way for a bit, and decided it was time for an update. Back in August on my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday I found out some exciting news! Earlier in the day I was feeling really nauseous, and I had some light cramping. I remember feeling really dizzy and for a faint second it popped in my head to grab a test. Continue reading “Exciting Announcements”

When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Show For

When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Show For

This is a little embarrassing to admit but I forgot my age. The other day my mother reminded me of my age, and it hit me. This year I will actually be 29 and not 28. Even closer to 30 than I thought. Let me add, there’s nothing wrong with getting older it’s actually a blessing. But I thought by now I should have it all figured out you know. Right after high school I landed a job as a secretary in a hospital that I love. I also went straight to college, but add in some heartbreak, and I blew it. I spent a lot of time flailing and trying to keep my head above the water. I was hurting and so lost, and instead of leaning into the pain I ran from it. I consumed my days with long shifts at work, and eventually gave up on college. I had no clue what I wanted to do career wise. I thought by my mid twenties I’d have it all figured out.

I gave myself this silly little mental deadline on when you should have it all together and boy was I wrong.

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Kudo Banz: Kudos To Positive Reinforcement

This post is brought to you by Kudo Banz. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Positive Parenting

With having girls so close in age, there’s no short supply of tantrums, and bickering. My youngest daughter also loves copying big sister, and sometimes it’s negative behavior. I’ve also noticed since my eldest daughter has been in preschool she comes home rolling her eyes, and mumbling under her breath when I tell her to do something.

I’m working on being a more positive parent when it comes to discipline. It’s a work in progress because I find myself yelling constantly when they don’t listen. I have tried behavior charts, doing time outs, taking things away, etc. The thing with behavior charts is that they aren’t really portable. So when we are out I can’t use it, and then by the time I get home I forget.

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Healing and Hospitality

Healing God's Way

How fitting that my very first blog post would be about healing and hospitality. Let me first start by saying that I broke my ankle on February 27th. It was an ordinary day of picking up my eldest daughter from preschool and grabbing lunch.  I was walking down the steps at home carrying my son in his car seat. I missed a few steps and twisted my ankle. I felt it pop beneath my weight, but thankfully my little man was left unscathed. There I was in agony on the bottom step right beside the baby gate(the irony I know).

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